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سنسور نوار قلب ADAS1000-2

سنسور نوار قلب ADAS1000-2 با 5 کانال، 16 بیت، برای دستگاه های مانیتورینگ و تشخیصی (هولتر، تلمتری، دفیبریلاتور، پروگرمر ضربان ساز و ….)


Biopotential signals in; digitized signals out
5 acquisition (ECG) channels and one driven lead
Parallel ICs for up to 10+ electrode measurements
Master ADAS1000 or ADAS1000-1 used with slave ADAS1000-2
AC and dc lead-off detection
Internal pace detection algorithm on 3 leads
Support for user’s own pace
Thoracic impedance measurement (internal/external path) Selectable reference lead
Scalable noise vs. power control, power-down modes Low power operation from
11 mW (1 lead), 15 mW (3 leads), 21 mW (all electrodes) Lead or electrode data available
Supports AAMI EC11:1991/(R)2001/(R)2007, AAMI EC38 R2007, EC13:2002/(R)2007, IEC60601-1 ed. 3.0 b:2005, IEC60601-2-25 ed. 2.0 :2011, IEC60601-2-27 ed. 2.0 b:2005, IEC60601-2-51 ed. 1.0 b: 2005
Fast overload recovery
Low or high speed data output rates
Serial interface SPI-/QSPI™-/DSP-compatible
56-lead LFCSP package (9 mm × 9 mm)
64-lead LQFP package (10 mm × 10 mm body size)

ECG: monitor and diagnostic
Bedside patient monitoring, portable telemetry, Holter, AED, cardiac defibrillators, ambulatory monitors, pace maker programmer, patient transport, stress testing

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