Analog Devices, L, سنسور دما

LTC2997 سنسور دما

LTC2997 سنسور دما خروجی  آنالوگ حساسیت   4mV/°K

The LTC®2997 is a high-accuracy analog output temperature
sensor. It converts the temperature of an external sensor or its own temperature to an analog voltage output. A built-in algorithm eliminates errors due to series resistance be- tween the LTC2997 and the sensor diode.
The LTC2997 gives accurate results with low-cost diode- connected NPN or PNP transistors or with integrated temperature transistors on microprocessors or FPGAs. Tying pin D+ to VCC configures the LTC2997 to measure
its internal temperature.
The LTC2997 provides an additional 1.8V reference voltage output which can be used as an ADC reference input or for generating temperature threshold voltages to compare against the VPTAT output.
The LTC2997 provides a precise and versatile micropower solution for accurate temperature sensing.



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