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کنترلر ترموکوپل AD8494

AD8494 کنترلر ترموکوپل آنالوگ  حساسیت  5mV/°C

Low cost and easy to use
Pretrimmed for J or K type thermocouples
Internal cold junction compensation
High impedance differential input
Standalone 5 mV/°C thermometer
Reference pin allows offset adjustment
Thermocouple break detection
Laser wafer trimmed to 1°C initial accuracy and
0.025°C/°C ambient temperature rejection
Low power: <1 mW at VS = 5 V
Wide power supply range
Single supply: 2.7 V to 36 V
Dual supply: ±2.7 V to ±18 V
Small, 8-lead MSOP
J or K type thermocouple temperature measurement Setpoint controller
Celsius thermometer
Universal cold junction compensator
White goods (oven, stovetop) temperature measurements Exhaust gas temperature sensing


Catalytic converter temperature sensing

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