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سنسور چند منظوره پزشکی ADPD4100

سنسور چند منظوره پزشکی ADPD4100 دارای 8 کانال با پروتکل ارتباطی SPI، قابل استفاده در محصولات پوشیدنی برای مانیتور ضربان قلب، استرس، فشار خون، SpO2 و ترکیبات بدنی، همچنین در مانیتورینگ صنعتی (CO، CO2، دود و …)


Multimodal analog front end
8 input channels with multiple operation modes for various sensor measurements
Dual-channel processing with simultaneous sampling
12 programmable time slots for synchronized sensor measurements
Flexible input multiplexing to support differential and single-ended sensor measurements
8 LED drivers, 4 of which can be driven simultaneously Flexible sampling rate from 0.004 Hz to 9 kHz using internal
On-chip digital filtering
SNR of transmit and receive signal chain: 100 dB
AC ambient light rejection: 60 dB up to 1 kHz
400 mA total LED peak drive current
Total system power dissipation: 30 µW (combined LED and AFE power), continuous PPG measurement at 75 dB SNR, 25 Hz ODR, 100 nA/mA CTR
SPI and I2C communications supported
512-byte FIFO size

Wearable health and fitness monitors: heart rate monitors (HRMs), heart rate variability (HRV), stress, blood pressure estimation, SpO2, hydration, body composition
Industrial monitoring: CO, CO2, smoke, and aerosol detection Home patient monitoring

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