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سنسور ضربان قلب AD8233

سنسور ضربان قلب AD8233 تک کانال برای محصولات پوشیدنی، مانیتور فعالیت قلبی و اخذ ECG، EEG و EMG



Fully integrated, single-lead ECG front end
Low quiescent supply current: 50 µA (typical)
Leads on/off detection while in shutdown (<1 µA)
Common-mode rejection ratio: 80 dB (dc to 60 Hz)
2-electrode and 3-electrode configurations
High signal gain (G = 100) with dc blocking capabilities
2-pole adjustable high-pass filter
Accepts up to ±300 mV of half cell potential
Fast restore feature improves filter settling
Uncommitted op amp
3-pole adjustable low-pass filter with adjustable gain Integrated RLD amplifier with shutdown
Single-supply operation: 1.7 V to 3.5 V
Integrated reference buffer generates virtual ground
Rail-to-rail output
Internal RFI filter
8 kV HBM ESD rating
Shutdown pin 2 mm × 1.7 mm WLCSP package

Fitness and activity heart rate monitors
Portable ECG
Wearable and remote health monitors
Gaming peripherals
Biopotential signal acquisition, such as EMG or EEG


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